How To Know Your Car Air Conditioning Needs Servicing

How To Know Your Car Air Conditioning Needs Servicing

Your vehicle’s air conditioner makes the difference between a comfortable trip, and a miserable trip. Your car’s air conditioning unit is made up of many different components that need seasonal maintenance. You may notice one or all of the following issues with your car’s air conditioner:

Slightly Cool Air

– If when you turn on your car’s air conditioner, the air that blows out is only slightly cooler than the temperature in your car, you may have low Freon levels.Other possible causes might also be a faulty air conditioner compressor, leaks in refrigerant, or leaks in the seals or hose connections.

Erratic Cooling

If your air conditioner blows cold air for a short period, then warm air for a short period, then cold air again, there is an issue with your air conditioner. It is most likely that there is moisture trapped in your air conditioning unit, but there may be other causes such as an electrical issue that has to do with the compressor clutch or temperature sensor.

Unusual Odor –

If your car’s air conditioner is blowing cool air, but there is a musty, sour or bad odor, that is usually a sign of bacteria growing in the unit’s evaporator. If you have a bad smell coming from your air conditioning system, you need to have this serviced as soon as possible. The bacteria in the system could cause health problems. Make sure to have your air conditioning charged and repaired for the hot California weather. Our technicians can look at your air conditioner, check the hoses, lines and seals, add refrigerant and service of the compressor, evaporator, or condenser if that is needed.

Magic Auto Center in Valencia, CA wants to remind you to have your vehicle’s air conditioner serviced by a professional technician before the weather gets hot.