Do I Need Engine Repair Or Engine Rebuild

Do I Need Engine Repair Or Engine Rebuild

Listen to your car — The first symptom is – silence; and the second symptom is — repeated “coughing” but no starting.  Before you call a tow truck or spend a lot of money on engine repair or an engine rebuild, determine which symptom your car has.

If all you hear is silence, then…

  • Call up that friend who has jumper cables. Most likely, you’ve got a dead battery. The starter needs electricity.  If the battery is dead, the starter has no energy source. Maybe you left your headlights or an interior light on overnight. So get your friend to jump your car.  After it starts, drive around to recharge the battery (give it 20 minutes). This simple trick may prevent an unnecessary and expensive engine repair service.  But, if this doesn’t get your car started, try checking the main electrical fuses under the hood.  Remember, it’s a good idea after jump-starting your car, to take it directly to your auto mechanic and have the battery tested.

On the other hand, if you hear coughing or similar unfamiliar sounds then…

  • Seek professional help. Have your car towed to a reliable auto service center for an engine repair service.  With older cars, typically pumping the accelerator or spraying some carburetor starter fluid into the motor could get you going.  However, with modern fuel-injected engines, that probably won’t work. There are lots of possible reasons for motor failures behind a sputtering starter: fuel pump, ignition coil, or poor or faulty electrical connections.  Ask your trained auto mechanic to perform a professional engine repair service on your car to diagnose the problem.

In any case…

  • Don’t forget! Cars usually start when they are serviced on a regular basis.  This prevents costly engine repair or an engine rebuild.  Ask for advice from your trained auto mechanic for a schedule of routine preventative maintenance, and your vehicle will be back to normal in no time.

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